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Virginia Web Designers provides customized web site hosting solutions that will meet your specific needs. Virginia Web Designers powers your website with the best web hosting solution on the market – whether your needs are basic or complex, we provide the service and skills you need at an affordable price.

Domain Name Services Yearly DNS Setup
Domain Registration 1 year $25 $50
Domain Registration 2 year $15 $50
Domain Registration 3 year


Domain Registration 4+ year $10 $50
Registrar Transfer $25 $50
Shared Hosting Yearly
Basic Hosting 1-4 pages ($175 /year; 5 Emails) $175.00 $15.00
Basic Hosting w/ Control Panel & WebMail $225.00 $18.75
Control Panel is Now Available in Spanish and Asian character sets
Small Business 5-10 pages ($360/year; 15 Emails) $360.00 $30.00
Business Class Hosting 11+ $600.00 $50.00
Dynamic Hosting w/database $1200.00 $100.00
Additional Disk Space -- $3/25MB
Additional Bandwidth -- $4/GB
Virtual Private Servers Setup Monthly
Server A Free $55
Server B Free $95
Server C Free $245
VPS v2 Standard Free $95
VPS v2 Pro Free $105
VPS v2 Pro Plus Free $245
Solaris Standard Free $150
Solaris Pro Free $325
Additional Disk Space -- $7.50/25MB
Add-Ons Setup Setup
Additional Domain Name -- $25
SSL - Web Server Encryption -- $99
VPS Solaris Add-Ons Setup Monthly
ColdFusion - Web App Development Tool -- $40
Chili!Soft ASP - Web App Development Tool -- $40
E-Commerce Add-Ons Setup Monthly
For VPS and MPS Servers    
Mercantec SoftCart $50 $45
Merchant Payment Center Module -- $30
QuickBooks Module -- $10
Drop-ship Module -- $20
Managed Private Server Setup Monthly
FreeBSD Server $495.00 starting at
Solaris Server $695.00 starting at
Additional Bandwidth -- $60/20GB
E-Commerce Servers Setup Monthly
Miva Merchant Server B $50.00 $125
Miva Merchant Server C $50.00 $275
Additional Disk Space -- $7.50/25MB
Oracle8i Hosting Setup Monthly
Value Plan $250.00 $210.00
Professional Plan $250.00 $340.00
Corporate Plan $250.00 $510.00
Additional Disk Space -- $0.75/MB
Starting at $25 a year (and now as low $10 a year when you register for 10 years at once) you can secure your name on the Web TODAY, and "park" it on our servers indefinitely. Even if you do not have a Web site. And for an additional $10/month you can start using that Web name to send and receive your own company e-mail right from your Web browser!
We work with our clients on a case by case basis to determine what is best for each Website.


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